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December 17, 2009

Wow...as usual an update is long overdue! We'd like to wish a happy holiday season to everyone.

I guess we'll finish up the show year news first.

Updated October 7, 2009

An update is long overdue! It has been a hectic time and much has been going on.


We'd better start with the Halloween show...Our annual  Halloween Show is scheduled for Sat., Oct. 17th & Sun., Oct. 18th. All are invited to participate or spectate! There is no admission charge for spectators. Click here to view the Prize List.

Lots of fun events are planned. There will be prizes for all 1st place winners and silver awarded in all Hunter Over Fences and both Pleasure Divisions and a beautiful Sash for Best Costume in our Annual Halloween Costume Class!

If it rains we will reschedule, probably for the following week but hopefully that won't be necessary. If you are unsure give us a call at 741-2346.


Several horses and students participated in the annual Erie County Fair Horse Show. Kaylea Neverosky took Star, Erin Cox took Baraque and Janine Lumia took Pumpkin. Everyone did a fabulous job and we were so proud of the horses and riders! Besides that we had a blast! It was the first time at the fair for all of these horses and we couldn't have asked for them to be any better.

In fact, Star even discovered a new favorite treat! Cheese crackers with peanut butter...YUM!

Many horses and riders also went out to Gasport, NY to participate in Chestnut Ridge's "Ride For Roswell" Fall Horse Trials. The weather was excellent and everyone had a wonderful time! Jen Bejarano took both Cricket and Rosie and raised money in honor of her friend Austin's father and Nicki Tarbell took Sage and raised money in honor of her grandmother.

Other horses and riders that participated are; Erin Cox with Boo, Baraque and Jasmine, Audrey Yu  with Aries, Rebecca Kroll with Teddy, Marissa Tranquilli with Nemo, Janine Lumia with Pumpkin, Kaylea Neverosky with Star and Olivia Hannah with Mattie. All performed very well and took home many ribbons!


Sadly, on October 1st we lost our beloved Baby Grace. She was the light of the farm. She colicked in the evening and even though the vet spent most of the night treating her and helping us watch over her we were unable to save her. She was kept comfortable through the night and humanely euthanized early the next morning  when it became clear that she would not be able to recover.

Even though we are deeply grieved by our loss we are blessed to have had such a beautiful and sweet soul with us even for such a short time. Grace led a pampered, spoiled life full of fun, and charmed all who met her. She was loved by all of us and we will always miss her... until we meet again....


Updated August 16, 2009

It's hard to believe it's more than 1/2 way through the summer! It's been a busy, but fun time.

Game Day ---*NOTE NEW DATE!

Our next upcoming event is our Gymkhana & Game Day this Saturday, August 29th. A gymkhana is a set of organized team games. In addition to team games there will also be a couple of pairs games and individual games. Click here for a list of events. Anyone is welcome to attend or join in.

Game day is also a celebration of Marissa's Sweet 16th Birthday! So make sure to give her your wishes for the happiest birthday ever if you stop by! 

We will have pizza, cake and pop available. If you are able to bring a dish, snack or dessert to pass it would certainly be appreciated...we love to eat!

Show Schedule

It's been a somewhat hectic show schedule with a couple of riders in the Southtown Summer Series and several other shows we've attended this summer. 

At Southtowns Summer Series Erin Cox and Baraque were champions of the Puddle Jumpers Division. She brought her trophy home last night and it's so big it looks like it will need a room of it's own to put it in...LOL! This was no small feat since it is Baraque's first show season! Erin has been working with him for about 1-1/2 years and started him basically from scratch. We are all proud of both of them. It was so much fun to watch such a great team effort between them! Baraque was also reserve high score jumper horse for the entire series. Way to go guys!

Even though Olivia Hannah with Mattie, and Janine Lumia with Pumpkin were only able to attend two of the shows they did so well that they both were Reserve Champion in their divisions. Olivia and Mattie in the Low and Slow Hunter Division and Janine and Pumpkin in the Child/Adult Hunter Division.

Kristin Monaco riding Brandy in one show and Dallas at another came in 4th place overall in the 2'6" jumper division.

Not to leave out Emma Rehrauer who took Jasmine to one of the shows and was Reserve Champion in the X-rail Division! Erin also rode her in that show and ended up beating her ride on Baroque, with Jasmine getting Champion in the Puddle Jumpers and Baraque getting Reserve. I guess Jasmine showed him! And I don't want to neglect to mention that there was a common denominator for those rides...Erin...who rode both horses EXTREMELY well!

It was a good showing at the Southtowns Summer Series for Spruce Meadow Farm.

Other Shows

After the schooling show at Geneseo in May, Nicki with Sage and Janine with Pumpkin went back June 7th to do a recognized event. Both did quite well on a difficult x-country course and exceptionally well on the jumper course...in fact probably Nicki and Sage's best jumper course ever! Both horses also turned in a competitive dressage test.

At the beginning of August several horses and riders went to a dressage/combined training  show at Chestnut Ridge Equestrian Center. Jen took Cricket, Anne took Aries... both horses 1st away show...Olivia took Mattie, Janine took Mo and Erin took Baroque. All the horses and riders did a great job and placed well. Riders and horses alike had a good learning experience.

The day after Chestnut Ridge Shilo took both Magic and Rosie to Maple Row. It was a busy and productive day for all of them. (Especially Shilo's groom, Victor!!!) It was Magic's first away show in two years and Rosie's first away show since she's been at Spruce Meadow. Both horses behaved excellently with Rosie taking reserve champion in the Pleasure Division....she actually looked like a pleasure horse!


Updated July 19, 2009

Our summer has been started with a kick! Firstly, there have been some unfortunate incidents around the barn. Our horse Riley had a swollen hock for some time, however, he is recovering excellently and is excited to show off his ability to walk without limping.

Our horse Friday also had an episode recently. We were unsure of what caused this episode but it was a somber time for all. Luckily, a miracle occurred and Friday is now her normal self, ready and eager to work.

Finally, our beloved lesson horse Rascal is currently suffering from a bowed tendon. He is receiving the best care and has six weeks off to relax and eat. Though his condition upsets those around him he is ecstatic to have time off in which his only job is to eat and heal.

On a more cheerful note we recently welcomed a new horse, Molly. Molly is a very sweet bay horse. She bears a remarkable resemblance to our other horse, Teddy, in both build and personality. Like Teddy, she may be tall, but she is gentle and sweet to all.

Camp, like always, is a huge success. From games of horse truth or dare to labeling the horses body parts to riding, the campers have long days packed full of fun for all. Camp information can be found on our programs page.

Updated June 15, 2009

Our Spring Horse show yesterday was a HUGE sucess. The freshened jumps were set, the barn was packed and it is all thanks to you. We couldn't have done it without the support of everyone coming out to watch, so we'd like to take this moment to thank you. Our Bake Sale was a huge sucess, we raised over $200 and the lucky winner of our raffle was Janine Lumia! So thanks to everyone who showed and who came to watch. To everyone else, we hope to see you at our next show!

Updated May 27, 2009

We have the prize list ready for the Spring Horse Show.We are all looking forward to having newly painted poles and getting all the jumps set up.

The Spring schooling event at Geneseo was a great learning experience for everyone. There were both high and low points for all! Some of the high points were...

  • Kristen and Brandy had another very nice dressage test in which they placed first.
  • Janine and Pumpkin did very well overall, improving on last year's dressage score and having a clean stadium jumping round.
  • Nicki and Sage improved their stadium jumping from last year... they had a perfect trip.
  • Erin and Jasmine were very consistent and had good scores in every phase.
  • Joanne and Irish had quite a nice stadium jumping trip after Irish worked out some of the kinks.
  • Kaylea and Star performed well in each of the phases...it was the first event for both of them!
The next event is a recognized show at Geneseo on June 7th. Nicki Tarbell is planning on showing Sage in Novice and Janine Lumia is hoping to show Pumpkin in Beginner Novice.

A new horse is arriving tomorrow afternoon. His name is Chigger and he's a sweet, sturdy, good looking boy! He is 6 years old and we are planning on working him into the lesson and camp program.

Updated May 18, 2009

The Spring Horse Show has officially been planned for June 14th. There will be a wide variety of classes including a Showmanship class, 2 Dressage Test classes, a Green Horse Division,  Walk-Trot and Walk-Trot-Canter classes, a Pleasure Division and Jumping Divisions including X-Rails, 2' and 2'3".

There will be Champion and Reserve Champion ribbons, sashes and medals awarded. We are hoping for nice weather and are looking forward to having a great time! There will be pizza and drinks available as well as a baked goods sale.

Due to the weather and ring conditions we were unable to hold our Spring Gymkhana and Game Day. We are however planning it for sometime before the end of the summer and will announce the date as soon as we have it set.

Several of the horses went to Chestnut Ridge in Royalton for a Combined Training (dressage & jumper) show on the 16th. All did very well and are looking good for the upcoming show season. Kristen Monaco took Brandy and they placed 2nd overall in the Novice Division with a score of 73 in dressage and a clear jumping round. Erin Cox and Jasmine were second overall in the Beginner Novice Division with a dressage score of 65 and a clear jumping round and Janine Lumia and Pumpkin were first overall in Beginer Novicewith a dressage score of 66 and a clear jumping round. Congratulations to both riders and horses!

This coming Saturday 6 horses and riders will be traveling to Geneseo to  compete in an Eventing competition; Kristen & Brandy, Erin & Jasmine, Janine & Pumpkin, Nicki & Sage, Joanne & Irish and Kaylea & Star....Best of luck to all!


Lexus has journeyed to Chris White's farm in Gowanda to work on loosening up his joints. The vet recommended he spend as much time as possible moving around outside. He was definitely moving better when we went to see him last week and we are hoping to find a home for him that will be less demanding physically and where he can spend lots of time outdoors.

We also have a new addition to the lesson program. His name is Aries and he is a 15 yr. old bay Thoroughbred gelding. He is very pretty, very sweet and very pleasant to work with! I will try to get his picture up soon.

Baby Grace managed to tear her eyelid this past week and had to have the vet come out and put some stitches in. He did such a nice job that you can't even tell it happened.

Fancy (and of course Erin) is home from school for a couple months. Erin & Fancy are taking a break from school to work in the summer camp program and also so Erin can do an internship. I guess it's not going to be too much of a break!


Updated May 1, 2009

Saturday, May 9th is the date of our Spring Gymkhana or Game Day. There will be a number of games offered including the old favorites pole bending and barrel racing. Team events will take place in the morning and individual games will be held in the afternoon. Bring a dish to share, we'll have the grill going! The sign up sheet is posted in the front barn. Talk to your instructor, or call us, for more information and to register. Hope to see you there!

Our Spring Show will be held on Sunday June 14th. More details to follow. Talk to your instructor or give us a call for more information.

The Genesee Valley Pony Club's Spring Event will be held on Saturday May 23rd. Several of our riders will be attending. Registrations are due by May 13th. For registration forms and more information, please visit Geneseo Entry Form

Brookfield Farms Equestrian Center will be holding an open horse show on Sunday May 31st. More information can be found at Brookfield Farms Open Show

Summer Camp is around the corner. Please contact us for more information. We are very busy getting ready for show season and excitedly looking forward to the rest of the year. Come on out and meet our new foal and our wonderful lesson horses and enjoy the beautiful spring weather!.

Updated March 8, 2009

Wow, so much time has passed. First I want to say a special good bye to those we have lost this year Logan, Pal, Smokey and Breezy. We miss them terribly but know that until we meet again they are in a better place. On a happier note we have welcomed Teddy, Friday, Trixie, Cricket, Moose, Misty, Dorey and Jim Bob. We also have new barn cats... Spurs, Abigail (don't worry...it was only a toy!) and Bits.

Our pony, Jack, is currently on vacation where he is very happily spending much time turned out in beautiful pastures and being loved and tended to by his very own 7 yr. old boy!

Recently our first baby ever, Baby Grace, was born March 6, 2009. The proud mama is Trixie who just happened to already be in foal when we got her last fall! Grace was named after our beloved Ace who passed a year ago to the day that she was born. We thought it would be a great way to honor him. Also, the name fits her well as she is already very graceful as well as very beautiful! (No, we aren't prejudiced at all!)

The year has flown by with all manner of ups and downs. We have enjoyed many shows such as our summer series and very successful Halloween Show. We have also held a game day in January where everyone had a day full of fun. We hope to have another one soon and see you all there. Spring Break Camp is around the corner. Please contact us for more information. We are looking forward to seeing many eager campers! With our new foal and summer coming up fast we are very busy and excitedly looking forward to the rest of the year.

Updated April 5, 2008
We recently welcomed two new horses. Snow is here for the next month or two. Her owner brought her to us so we can help her get in shape. Snow is a very loud Appaloosa mare who is very steady and quiet. Rosie should make a wonderful addition to our lesson string. A 14 year old Thoroughbred mare, she is sweet, quiet, and obedient. Rosie isn't quite fit enough for lessons yet, but we look forward to putting her in lessons soon.

Updated March 26, 2008

May 17 and 18! Mark your calendars! That's the date of our annual Spring Has Sprung show. We are extremely excited about this show, and are planning some fun things. We'll have a prize list available soon, but there will be something for everyone. Also, we're having a jump building and painting day in April. Any and all help is welcome! We'll have fun making jumps, painting them, and talking horses.

If you've been out in recent months, you might have noticed that Smoky is missing. He decided he wants to be a housecat, but we're hoping he changes his mind soon. Thankfully, Smoky was training a new cat to be a good barn cat. Milo is the new resident barn cat.
We first started seeing him early last fall, but he was extremely nervous around people, and would hide when he saw us coming. He has gradually gotten more comfortable (food helped that process!), and is now very sweet and cuddly. Milo is still a little nervous with new people or lots of commotion. If you see him hanging around, feel free to visit with him! He can be a little nervous, so give him time to get comfortable with you. Be warned: if he decides you're his friend, he won't leave you alone until you pet him! Milo has also demonstrated a love of the horses. He enjoys spending time with Sparkles and Striker. Isn't he a cute little guy?

Finally, we'd like to extend a very big thank you to Mr. Rung for all his work around the barn. We truly appreciate his time and effort, and find ourselves very fortunate to have someone so kind and generous helping us make improvments.

Updated March 8, 2008

We are sad to start this update with some unfortunate news. Our beloved Ace had been sick for the past couple of months. We tried numerous avenues to help him, but he became too weak to continue his fight. On Thursday night, Ace lay down to rest and struggled get up. We cannot put into words how grateful we are to the Porter family for their assistance. Unfortunately, we were still unable to get him to his feet, and we called the veterinarian, who recommended euthanasia. We agreed that this was in Ace's best interest, and he passed peacefully in the company of many people who have loved him over the years. If you have any pictures of or stories about Ace or Alex, who passed in June, please email them to us here so we can start a memorial page for them.

Updated January 6, 2008

 Happy New Year! We had a busy time last year. Here are  some important moments:
In January, Alex became ill. Later that month, he was taken     to the veterinary clinic where numerous tests were     performed in an attempt to find the cause of his sickness.
In February, one of the barn cats, Fuzz, passed away after     being diagnosed with lymphoma.
Also in February, we learned that Riley's recovery from     surgery was going well, and we acquired a new rescue     horse, Wilson.
In March, we had our Winter Warm-Up horse show after     being postponed due to cold multiple times.
In May, we held our annual Spring has Sprung show, one     of the highlights of which was raising over $400 to help     pay Alex's extensive vet bills.

Also in May, we took Riley and Wilson for x-rays. We learned that Riley's ankle had completely healed and he was    100% better. Wilson's x-rays, on the other hand, revealed extensive damage with surgery not being an option.
Another May development was the introduction of our Kinder-Riding program for children ages 4-6, which was quite     popular over the summer, and is still available for anyone interested.
Finally, we purchased a new lesson horse, Lexus, who has been integrated beautifully into our lesson program.     May was certainly a busy month!
June began with tragedy, as we had no choice but to euthanize our beloved Alex. We put a great deal of time,     effort, money, and--most importantly--love into our attempts to save him, but he told us it was his time to go. Alex     may no longer be alive, but he will always be a part of Spruce Meadow Farm in spirit.
Later in June, Jasmine and Fancy were both sold.
Also in June, we acquired yet another new horse,Irish, who is still being reschooled before she can do lessons.
In July, we held a dressage clinic, taught by Kathy Woods, where our hunt course was transformed into a 20 meter     x 60 meter dressage arena.
Our Summer Show in August was a success, raising enough money to finish paying all of Alex's final expenses.
All summer, from the last week of June to the last week of August, we held our annual Summer Day-Camp, which     was very popular. We had a lot of fun getting to know the kids and helping them learn to ride and work with the     horses, and look forward to next year.
In October, we held our Halloween show. We had a good turn-out and lots of fun.
Also in October, we purchased two new horses: A seven year old Thoroughbred gelding named Logan, and a five     year old Quarter Horse gelding named Cisco.
The week following Christmas, we held a day camp, which the children really enjoyed.
    Now, moving on to new things: Our annual Christmas party was January 5th at the Old Red Mill. Quite a few people    &n Previewbsp;came, and we all enjoyed the good food and good company. Sunday, January 13 is our Winter Warm-Up show. It     starts at 9 AM with the Deck the Stalls contest (plenty of stalls still available!), and should end sometime in the
    mid-afternoon. If you are interested in showing and have not signed up, call or speak to your instructor; it's not too     late! We have classes and divisions for everyone, ranging from walk-trot to two foot, with several "fun" classes as     well